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Founded by Dr. Sonam Wangyel Wang, whose doctoral studies at Cornell University (USA) and the University of Oxford (UK) centered on tiger conservation in Bhutan, TAB embodies a key recommendation for raising awareness and fostering universal support for preserving this magnificent species, vital to Bhutan's natural, spiritual, and cultural fabric.

By choosing TAB, you directly contribute to conservation efforts, particularly for endangered species, safeguarding Bhutan's wilderness and wildlife for posterity.Join us at TAB for an adventure of a lifetime amidst Bhutan's awe-inspiring landscapes.

We eagerly anticipate the chance to host you on this unforgettable odyssey.
damcho dem
Damcho Dem, proprietor of TAB, a History and Arts major, was born and raised in a quaint village, where she cultivated a deep connection to the pristine environment and rich cultural heritage that surrounded her. Growing up in such surroundings instilled in her a profound appreciation for the beauty of Bhutan's landscapes and the significance of its cultural traditions. This upbringing ignited her passion to share the wonders of Bhutan with others, through Tiger Adventures Bhutan.
Tashi Wangchuk (phd)
Dr. Tashi Wangchuk serves as one of the esteemed scientific advisors to Tiger Adventures Bhutan (TAB), bringing his expertise and passion for conservation to our endeavors. As a dedicated conservationist and innovator, Dr. Wangchuk's primary focus is on safeguarding the endangered Golden Langur and other primate species in Bhutan. His deep-rooted commitment to preserving biodiversity extends to fostering harmony between humans and wildlife, particularly large mammals.
Sonam Wangyel Wang (PHD)
Dr. Sonam Wangyel Wang, the amiable and erudite founder of Tiger Adventures Bhutan, is a remarkable individual with an inspiring journey that spans from humble beginnings to global recognition. Growing up on a farm, his childhood was characterized by a deep connection to nature, where instead of modern entertainment, he found solace in observing monkeys and exploring the forests.

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